Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ivan Guerrero: Contract Terminated

The Rapids have just issued a press release:

The Colorado Rapids announced today that a mutual agreement with defender/midfielder Ivan Guerrero has been reached that will terminate his contract with the team.

Obviously a player that didn't fit into Gary Smith's system, since he saw no playing time in the league this year. Its been long rumored that he was in talks with a team in his native Honduras, so I assume he'll be heading back there now. This opens a roster position for Julian Baudet, and Guerrero's $154K almost covers the $175L salary of Pat Noonan.

The guaranteed contract date is July 1st, so I expect we'll see another move or two before then.


Rob said...

havent checked the page recently, but given the recent happenings in the Confed Cup, figured I should.

First, Pat Noonan. Great trade. Any word on the Morientes rumors?

Second, get to watch the replay of the SOunders-DC game last night? Dude, pretty soccer. Best you are going to see in MLS all year.

Third, Bradley. I know you are stewing right now. They do not look good.

Jason Maxwell said...

Morientes rumor has been pretty much discounted by talking to anyone not names TribalFootball or MLS Rumors

Pretty soccer like the Marshall own goal? Thanks for tiring DC out before our game on Saturday though. ;)

Actually I didn't know anything about the game today until this post, who knew my own blog would be the spoiler. ;) I was hoping to make it home after work before hearing anything, I managed it with the Italy game.

Rob said...

oh, my bad. i should know better. poor form on my part. but hey, maybe i saved you 90 minutes of your life.

your marshall comment hurts a lot. so you guys come up here in 10 days. are you going to be without any of your players due to national team call-ups?

Jason Maxwell said...

I don't think so. Casey should be back from the Confederations Cup and Pablo won't have left for the Gold Cup team yet. We should be at full strength minus any injuries we may pick up between now and then.

Allen said...

Any word on Ty Harden? With Baudet coming in could he be the next to leave?