Monday, June 29, 2009

Scoreless in Seattle

OK, I don't feel much about this 3-0 loss. Needless to say the team was tired after 2 games in the previous 8 days and just didn't have enough in the tank for the second half. Cummings hit the woodwork a PK early, Keller stoned Clark very early, and the Sounders managed to get out to a 1-0 lead, forcing Colorado to push the game. The more we pushed, and the more tired we got, the more the Sounders took advantage. Chalk this one up to a learning experience on how to pace yourselves in a 3 game week and move on.

Other Observations:
  • Until Pablo's sub in the 72nd minute the back 4, plus Pablo and Pickens, played every minute of the 3 games with the exception of Palguta's sub in the last 6 minutes of the DC game. Not surprising they found it hard to keep up with Montero and Jaqua.
  • By pulling Pablo and not using Cooke I think Smith decided around the 70th minute to throw the towel in on this game. I can't say I blame him.
  • Yeah, that's all I've got on this game. After the amazing USA-Brazil game, following up with the less than stellar play of the Rapids made it hard for me to really focus on the game.
Player of the Game: Colin Clark, for lack of a better choice

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