Monday, June 15, 2009

Pat Noonan to Colorado

Steven Goff is reporting that the Crew have traded Pat Noonan to the Rapids. No word in what the Rapids have given up (if true). There was an article over the weekend that said that Gary Smith expected to announce a trade for a forward this week, and this seems to fit the bill. I'll post more info if/when it becomes available.

UPDATE: The Crew sent out a press release making it official. The Rapids get Pat Noonan in exchange for our natural 1st round pick next year and allocation money.

I think this is a good trade for Colorado. Noonan is a proven MLS attacking midfielder/striker and the Rapids desperately need some depth in that area. In exchange we give up allocation money, and int he Rapids history the use of allocation money has always been more miss than hit, and a first round pick. The draft is becoming less important with each passing year, and the rapids have managed to find some gems in the draft even without a 1st round pick.

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