Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rapids News and Notes 6/4

A little reminder of what we're playing for on Saturday!
  • National Team loses 3-1 to Costa Rica
Embarrassing. I'm torn between firing Bradley now and improving our chances, or keeping Bradley so the team goes down hard and the USSF learns a lesson.
  • Pablo called up for the Nats
Given the way he played last night, this may be his last callup. I expect he'll start on Saturday due to suspensions and injuries in midfield, but that might be it for him with the "A" squad.
  • Conor Casey called up for the Nats
This was just announced on tonight's ESPN MLS Game of the Week and on the U.S. Nats Blog. Brina Ching has re-aggravated his hamstring and they may need Casey for cover. His use will be based on how Ching is doing, but I think we should assume we won't have him for the Rocky Mountain Cup match this week. Casey deserves this callup, he's been playing great this year, but the timing couldn't be worse for the Rapids with a huge road match on Saturday.
  • Bouna Time! in Philly?
Apparently there are rumors that Nowak might make Bouna Coundoul his first signing as Philly manager. I hope so, Bouna's a good MLS keeper and only his idiot agent kept him from signing with the Rapids this season. Somehow I don't think training in Finland is what Bouna was thinking when he was told he could do better in Europe. The Rapids still own his rights, so Philly will have to give us a draft pick or two if they want to sign him.
  • Ciaran O'Brien on loan for the USL season
O'Brien is playing for the Austin Aztex of USL-1 for the rest of the USL season. That's a good way to get a young player som playing time now that the reserve league is gone. It hurts our depth on the wings a bit, but I don't think O'Brien was going to get significant playing time with the Rapids.
  • Ivan Guerrero to Honduras?
There's been a rumor for a couple of months that Guererro was going to transfer back home to Honduras. The newest report has him in Honduras for his physical for his new team. Guerrero is a left sided player, and Harvey and Clark have been the only two Rapids to play every minute of every game this year, so he was finding it hard to get into the first team. With a cap hit of $145K that's a lot of money to warm the bench. It also frees up a roster spot for Julian Baudet. Theoretically if Guerrero wants to go the Honduran side would have to pay a transfer fee, but the Rapids are probably just happy to have his salary off the books so I expect them to free transfer him or ask for a very small amount of money.
  • Julian Baudet signed by the Rapids?
The most recent report out of England mentioned quote Baudet as having signed with the Rapids, while all previous reports said he would sign. Still no official word from the Rapids or the league. Assuming this happens I find it a better move than I did originally. Our defense has shown that it can't keep mental focus for 90 minutes, so maybe somebody with experience in the pressure cooker of English football and a team captain can come in and settle the back line down. We still need some depth up front, but Baudet might be an asset.


Rob said...

dude. the us not making the world cup is not the right way to go. people have been bashing bradley ever since he got the job. they want jozy. they want freddy. they want jose. they want the young guys. i applaud him for starting torres, wynne, jozy and an overall young lineup. bottom line is they played terribly. outclassed. but bradley gave everyone the lineup they have been looking for. and now he is getting killed for it..

Jason Maxwell said...

Well everyone except me. I don't really have a favorite player right now in the Nats pool. I just want a team that can play cohesively and with some quality. We have yet to see that on the road in this Qualifying round. I have been against Bob Bradley as teh coach since Arena stepped down, and I think we're seeing the limits of his ability now. But Sunil Gulati and the USSF wanted to take the safe (read cheap) route and instead of going out and getting Klinsmann or another experienced coach thewy promoted from within, again.

I'm sure that after this WC cycle Bob will be let go and Sigi will take his place. Sigi is s step up from Bob, but there is currently no American coach that will take the Nats to the next level.

Jester said...

FSC is showing the Aztex' game tonight. Maybe we will get to see O'Brien in action.

Rob said...

Well once we make it through qualifying, regardless of who is coach, I think we need to have a defined identity - a defined formation and defined roles. Right now Donovan can and does play one of 4 positions. That's great versatility, but I feel like every game we have an entirely different game plan. You're right - we need cohesion. I would love to see a long camp where Bradley, Edu, Deuce, Donovan, Altidore get to play together for more than 1 day...

Sigi to coach the Nats? Nah, stay in Seattle. Bring in Sven-Goren...oh wait, my bad..