Thursday, July 18, 2013

Behold The Power Of Jameson!

To any that doubt the power of Jameson, an own goal to get the win should convince you otherwise. :D  The Rapids played a lousy first half and a better second half, with a bit of luck, to get a 2-1 win and continue their undefeated Jameson Night streak.  That said, the first half was pretty bad soccer.  Buddle had a weak shot on target and that's the closest the Rapids got to a goal (though Brown had a couple of dangerous chances that once again he failed to get on target.  New England had one shot on goal, but they finished it.  After a foul for an unlucky handball Toja lined up the free kick form outside the box.  In a clearly pre-planned play Bengston peeled off and ran across the top of the 6 yard box as Toja struck the ball.  Bengston leaped over the oncoming ball and it found the back of the net for a 1-0 Revs lead.

The second half was a significant step up for the Rapids.  On target they outshot New England 4-1, and in the 62nd minute they made one count.  Powers played a square ball in the attacking third to LaBrocca.  After shaking his defender he hammered it from about 20 yards out and beat the keeper in the near lower post to tie the game.  5 minutes later the Rapids struck again.  Wynne picked up a loose ball in midfield and found Powers on the right side near the box.  Dillon pushed the ball to the end line and crossed it through the box.  Revs defender Goncalves tried to play it out past the near post but actually redirected it into the net for a 2-1 Rapids lead!  After that it was a matter of good defense snuffing out a couple of Revs chances.  Brown got in 1 on 1 with the keeper but couldn't finish, as did Klute, but the good guys got the win.

My key to the match was putting the ball in the net.  New England idd it more than us, but we still won 2-1. ;)

Random Thoughts:
  • The Rapids are now 8 wins, 4 draws and 0 losses when Jameson Night is held, outscoring New England 28-12.
  • LaBrocca had a woeful first half that improved significantly in the 2nd, especially after the goal.
  • Bengston's flash across the box may have distracted Klute on the goal but it was bad read by him.  Bengston was offside but since he didn't actually play the ball it wasn't called.
  • Powers play for the own goal looked a great deal like Kandji's play for the own goal in MLS Cup.  Without the blown ACL of course.
  • Apparently the GK decision has been made, and Irwin is now the #1.  I bet he's on a short leash though.
  • Thomas really struggled in the first half, taking him out for Harris actually helped the game a lot.
  • Did anyone see Buddle last night?  I was at the game and he was in the starting XI, but I didn't see him.
  • Brown's weakness is apparently 1 v 1 with keepers.  He blew another great chance, he's got to figure that out if he's going to make it.
  • Klute also blew the 1 v 1 he had, but as a defender that's a little more understandable.
  • After going almost exactly 8 years without winning a regular season game we were losing at half we've done it twice in the last 4 games.
  • A great start to this critical 4 game stretch.  If we can go .500 over the next 3 games now we'll be in good shape.
Player of the Match: Marvell Wynne.  Any danger we had in the offense int eh first half came through him it seemed, and he had the (easy) pass to set up Powers for the own goal.  A good match for him returning to the starting XI.  His return also marked his 100th appearance for the Rapids, the 15th player to hit that mark.

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