Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rapids Release Harbottle

Today the Rapids release Kevin Harbottle.  He played in 4 games early this season but was only an occasional bench player after his injury.  Hard to justify a 180K contract for that.  This may also open up cap space for a Torres signing, but the rules are a little unclear on that.

As far as roster spots go, the Rapids are at 28 + Eloundou now.  The rumored signings of Sanchez and Torres would put them at the cap of 30, with Eloundou not yet on the roster.  Calderon being on IR also frees up a spot.

This also puts us at 6 international spots used, out of 9, plus Eloundou.  Torres and Sanchez would put us at 8 with one spot still open for Eloundou if he ever shows.

ADDENDUM:  Colorado is also loaning Davy Armstrong to Phoenix FC in the USL for the last 3 games of their season, including tonight's game.

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