Friday, July 5, 2013

Late Fireworks Before Late Fireworks In Rapids Win

After a dull first half with a whopping total of 1 shot on goal combined from the teams (a Sturgis shot easily saved) things got more interested in in the second half.  Right after the break a corner from Powers pinballed around the box.  First a shot from Buddle was blocked by Sturgis (whoops).  The deflection fell to Moor who put it on target only to have ti saved off the line.  The rebound from that fell to Sturgis who put it into the roof of the net for the 1-0 lead.  20 minutes later Klute brought the ball down the left side and crossed it into the box.  The cross was cleared but Klute followed it up, stole the ball, and crossed it again, this time finding a charging Deshorn Brown who volleyed it into the net for a 2-0 lead.  Colorado would control the rest of the game with NY only getting 1 shot on goal, a chip from Henry that Irwin made a nice parry on to preserve the shutout.

My key to the match was defense.  Holding a team with Cahill and Henry scoreless is about as much as you can ask.

Random Thoughts:
  • Great match overall from the team.  NY never looked threatening.  The only negative was the lack of offense in the first half, something that was solved in the 2nd.
  • Shane O'Neill at right back and Mera in the center was a surprise.  Still not sold on Mera but O'Neill did a good job in his new position.
  • You can't ask for more than Brown has given off the bench the last 2 games.  A goal in each game ties him for the team lead at 5.
  • Edson Buddle does some good things when he's on the field.  Unfortunately he's not the highest paid player on the team to do "good things", he's paid that much to directly influence scoring, either through goals or assists.  3 goals out of 23 ain't cutting it.
  • By avoiding a yellow card for 3 straight games Thomas steps back from the edge of suspension, now needing 2 cards before taking a game off.
  • Sturgis with another goal, I can't say I saw this season from him ever.  A great find in the rough by the Rapids.
  • Short turnaround with DC in town on Sunday.  They are the league's worst team so this has trap game written all over it.
Player of the Match: Chris Klute.  This is almost a POTM award for the last two games as he's been on fire.  He picked up his team leading 5th assist (only 2 off the league lead) in this one and the only question about him at this point is how long the Rapids will wait to turn his loan into a permanent move.

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