Wednesday, February 5, 2014

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OK, after a couple of days to enjoy the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks its time to get back to the Rapids preseason.  One Colorado team managed to win on Sunday as the Rapids beat the Dynamo 3-2 in a scrimmage in Houston.  The teams played 3 30-minute periods with the second one split up with a normal halftime after 45.  Here are the rosters the Rapids used:

First period:
Edward - Casteele - Moor - Klute
Guzman - Galindo
Chavez - Hill - Serna
Second period:
Edward - Casteele - Ibikunle - Kindle
Ayarna - Guzman
Eloundou - Galindo - Serna
After half:
Edward - Watts - Ibikunle - Kindle
Ayarna - Hairston
Eloundou - Galindo - Serna

Final 30 minutes:
Wynne - Watts - Ibikunle - Burch
Sturgis - Hairston
Sánchez - LaBrocca - Eloundou

The goals were scored by Dillon Serna, Deshorn Brown, and Gabriel Torres got the game winner.  The first Houston goal was scored by Rapids-loanee Tony Cascio.  Ayarna is Ghanaian midfielder Reuben Ayarna who joined the team on trial in Houston.  He's been playing in Sweden the last 5 years after attending Boston College.

Yesterday's update included this statement from GK coach Chris Sharpe in discussing Berner and Nasco:
"We're looking for somebody to compete at that #2 spot, to push Clint day in and day out, and to be comfortable and ready to play,"
With Pickens still on "excused absence" from preseason that makes it pretty clear he'll be traded/sold/cut before the roster deadline on March 1st.  So here's our current camp roster:

John Berner - Unsigned draftee
Clint Irwin
Joe Nasco - Unsigned trialist
Matt Pickens - On "Excused Absence"

Davy Armstrong - Homegrown Player - Will start season on IR(knee)
Mark Burch
Albert Edward - Unsigned draftee
Brenton Griffiths - International
Tolani Ibikunle  - Unsigned draftee
Kory Kindle
Chris Klute
Drew Moor
Brian Mullan
Shane O'Neill - Homegrown Player
Grant Van De Casteele
Marvell Wynne

Reuben Ayarna - Unsigned trialistInternational(?) 
Samuel Galindo - Unsigned trialistInternational
Juan Guzman - Unsigned draftee
Marion Hariston - Generation Adidas
Nick LaBrocca
Dillon Powers
Dillon Serna - Homegrown Player
Nathan Sturgis
Jared Watts - Unsigned draftee

Deshorn Brown - Generation AdidasInternational
Edson Buddle
Martin Chavez
Charles Eloundou - International
Kamani Hill
Danny Mwanga
Vicente Sanchez - International
Gabriel Torres - Designated PlayerInternational

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