Saturday, February 15, 2014

Exactly 4 Weeks Until The Opener...Who's The Coach?

This is being posted exactly 4 weeks before the opening kick of the Rapids season at 2pm on March 15th.  As of this moment the Rapids still officially have no head coach.  Not only that, the only rumors we've heard about when it comes to specific candidates is the on-going talk around Pablo Mastroeni.  This was most evident in the quote from Jose Mari earlier this week:
 I know that the coach, Pablo, is an institution at the club, that he’s been here for many years and is a very important man for the Colorado Rapids organization.
So, do the players know that Pablo is going to be coach?  If so, why hasn't it been announced?  If not, are new players being told that without it being a done deal?  What happens if they go with somebody else and the new players feel like they've been lied to?

The only talk of Pablo not being the coach has come from vague statements by Bravo and Hinchey about "talking to candidates" yet no specific candidates have been linked to the job.  So is there an actual coaching "search" going on, or are Hinchey and Bravo just killing time until it seems like they've done due diligence and they can name Pablo coach?

Right now the instability is more than a bit frustrating.  The team can talk all it wants about having all the pieces they need to get through this, but there's a reason that teams have head coaches this close to the season starting.  Its very unlikely that the Rapids have stumbled on a new framework for a professional soccer team, its more likely that they're shooting themselves in the foot.

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