Monday, April 21, 2014

Dirty Punk

The title refers to the Clash song and the E-Quakes, not Piermayr

A whole lot of wasted time this week.  90 minutes, 1 shot on target, combined(!) between the teams.  The Rapids dominated most of the play but had no real threat on goal.  San Jose hit the crossbar in the first minute and then didn't make Irwin make a stop.  Just generally a lousy game.

My strategic consideration was not playing San Jose's physical game.  San Jose tried to out muscle us (seen here at its worst) but the Rapids didn't take the bait for the most part.

Other Observations:
  • Our only shot on goal came from a long shot by Watts in the first half.  Watts!
  • Seriously, there was a close to 5 minute period in the second half where San Jose could barely get the ball out of their own penalty area before the Rapids regained possession and pressed the attack.  In that whole time, 0 shots on goal.
  • In the last 4 games Buddle, Brown, and Torres have a total of 4 shots on goal.  Buddle had one against KC and two in Toronto (including the goal).  Brown had one in Vancouver.  Not good enough from our forwards.
  • That means that watts had as many shots on goal in this game as Brown and Torres have had in the last 4 games combined.
  • Dillon Serna was a charge of dynamite when he came into the game.  He probably deserves to start but I like the energy he brings off the bench.
  • Buddle had some hustle and a few good passes to Brown, but didn't do what he's paid for, score.
  • Neither LaBrocca or Sturgis are doing it for me this year and this game didn't convince me of anything different.
  • Jose Mari being available might have made the difference in this one.  Having to come out and defend his bombs could be what was missing to free up space inside for the forwards.
  • Watts had a solid game until the last 10 minute or so, when he went into complete meltdown.  Far too many poor decisions in those last few minutes.
  • Great to see Klute back, he combined well with Serna.
  • Our corner kicks were HORRIBLE.  10 corners and not one of them resulted in a decent chance on goal.
  • Our free kicks started out decent but by the end of the game Sanchez was floating them far too long.
  • Every Rapids game this season has gone into halftime at 0-0.
  • 11 points in our first 6 games is our best start ever!
Man of the Match: Thomas Piermayr.  Just solid play on the right side and while he was beat a couple of times late, most MLS right backs would have been beat in those scenarios.  I think the Rapids have their right back, finally.

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