Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Odds And Ends

A couple of "real" news items and a couple of fun items today.

The big one, the Rapids signed Austrian defender Thomas Piermayr today.  He'll be eligible to play right away.  Piermayr is a 24-year old outside back (both right and left) and can apparently play in the midfield as well.  This is probably an indicator that Burch's injury will make him unavailable in Vancouver on Saturday and Pablo may be considering the Austrian to fill in since Klute is also still injured.

The Rapids have added the Black Hills Soccer Club in Rapid City, South Dakota to their list of allied youth clubs.  They club will now be known as the Black Hills Rapids.  This gives the Colorado Rapids partner clubs in Charlotte, Rapid City, Las Vegas, and Albuquerque to go with the main youth club here in Denver.  That's a nice area to cover for the team and will hopefully allow them to find some more homegrown players.

Drew Moor will not be suspended for his elbow, but the Disciplinary Committee did fine him today.

Have we found the long-lost Rapidman?  The Ottowa fury's new mascot looks like Rapidman by a different name...

And last, but certainly not least, a standing ovation to the Rapids Media Relations Department for their entertaining April Fools prank yesterday.  I don't think anyone actually fell for it, but the idea and the work put in make it the best of the sports-based attempts yesterday, certainly better than Orlando City's supposed re-imaging to the Manatees.  Links here, here, here, and here.  Hard to pick a favorite picture but I think I've narrowed it down to these two.  Of course there's now a push from some fans (and the Vancouver Whitecaps) to actually wear these for real.  That would be scary enough that they'd have to save it for a Halloween prank!

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