Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Find Our Lack Of Firepower Disturbing

6 games in:
Deshorn Brown: 448 minutes, 18 shots, 6 shots on goal, 1 goal
Edson Buddle: 341 minutes, 9 shots, 3 shots on goal, 1 goal
Gabriel Torres: 241 minutes, 4 shots, 0 shots on goal, 0 goals
Combined: 1030 minutes, 31 shots, 9 shots on goal, 2 goals

If the Rapids had 2 strikers on the field at all times it would be 1080 minutes, so essentially our top 3 strikers have combined for all that time.  In it they're averaging about 5 shots and a shot and a half on goal per game.

This is, clearly, not good enough.  If it weren't for Sanchez's PKs (to be fair, one of which was earned by Brown) and Jose Mari's pair of bombs we would be in horrible shape right now.  Soccer is a team game, and the Rapids shouldn't be discounted because of those goals, but they aren't the type of goals we can depend on going forward this season.  Last weekend we saw what happens when one of those unusual goals doesn't turn up, a dominant performance by the Rapids with only 1 shot on goal (from Watts) to show for it and 1 point.

Each of the big 3 seem to have their own problems.  Buddle is holding the ball decently but his distribution has been poor most of the season, leading to a lack of quality chances being created.  Brown can't seem to keep possession of the ball to draw the defense and open up Buddle for a shot.  Torres, of course, can't seem to get on the field until late and then he never seems to impact the game.  Then, when any of the three of them do get a look at goal, they seem to hit it everywhere but between the pipes.

Some combination of Buddle, Brown, and Torres need to get on the same page and they need to do it yesterday.  Any combination of those 3 can work but it seems like the Buddle - Brown combo is the one that Pablo is favoring.  That means that Buddle needs to find Brown in space and Brown has to be able to hold possession so that Buddle can find the areas left when the defense collapses on Brown.  Oh, and they both need to figure out that the ball is supposed to go inside the white rectangle, not outside of it.

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