Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chaos And Carpenter Rule Stage 2

Odd day today in the race. Coming down from Kebler Pass (half dirt/half paved) the race was stopped 8K from the line with the time gaps preserved, then restarted from the same spot. There was heavy rain on the course on the decent but the race was stopped when they hit paved road. The report is that the time gaps were taken at the top of the summit but the racers were allowed to descend to the end of the dirt area before the race was stopped and the time gaps from the summit reestablished. However this information was not passed to Phil, Paul, and Christian doing the commentary for NBC Sports. The race organizers tried to get the lead service car in front of the leaders but the racers were going full out not knowing it was neutralized and they weren't able to inform the riders of the neutralization (who don't have radios in this race). Lots of frustration when they stopped the riders but the post-race follow up seems that the race made the right call with possibly some poor execution.

At the summit (and when the riders were stopped) Hincapie's Robin Carpenter had a 45 second lead on a small group which included Teejay, Tommy D, and Alex Howes. After restarting Carpenter extended his lead to 1:20 before the group started pulling him back. Inside the last 2K Teejay and Alex Howes jumped out of the group and tried to track down Carpenter, but it was too little too late. Howes finished 2nd for the 2nd day in a row and takes the yellow jersey for Garmin.

1. Robin Carpenter - Hincapie
2. Alex Howes - Garmin-SHARP ( :07)
3. Teejay Van Garderen - BMC ( :07)

Overall Standings:
1. Alex Howes - Garmin-SHARP
2. Ben Hermans - BMC ( :11)
3. Teejay Van Garderen - BMC ( :12)

1. Ben Jacques-Maynes - Jamis-Hagens (23)
2. Robin Carpenter - Hincapie (18)
3. Matt Cooke - Jamis Hagens (14)

1. Kiel Reijnen - UHC (21)
2. Danny Summerhill - UHC (13)
3. Alex Howes - Garmin-SHARP (12)

Young Rider:
1. Clement Chevrier - Bissell
2. Tanner Putt - Bissell ( :53)
3. Ruben Zepuntke - Bissell (1:07)

1. BMC
2. Garmin-SHARP ( :04)
3. TREK (1:12)

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