Monday, August 18, 2014

Keep Calm And Wait For 2015

Once again the Rapids gave up a goal in the first 15 minutes due to a stupid mistake.  Once again they were forced to chase the game.  Once again they were burned for more goals while chasing the game.  Once again they lost.

If this sounds familiar its because its the fourth straight game that's looked this way.  The twist this week was that the Rapids did draw level off a wondergoal from Serna, before giving the lead back to DC shortly after.  That and the loss of captain Drew Moor in the 12th minute with a non-contact knee injury, something that is never good.

Just another poor performance from a team that appears to have no plan, no style, and no points.

Other Observations:

  • Nice job by LaBrocca giving up the ball under no pressure to leave his team stranded on the first goal.  This after he picked up a yellow card 3 minutes in.  Horrible game from Nick.
  • To add insult to injury, almost literally, he was handed the armband after Moor got injured trying to clean up the mess LaBrocca created on the first goal.
  • Then Jared Watts got his first MLS minutes at centerback.  He managed to get through the first half decently but he was repeatedly burned in the second half, giving DC a shooting gallery that resulted in 3 more goals.
  • So what happened to Grand Van de Casteele?  Reports out of the combine is that his ceiling wasn't as high as other  players but he might have been the most immediately MLS-ready defender in the draft.  Yet we go with a rookie playing out of position over VDC?
  • For that matter Gale Agbossoumonde is around somewhere.  Are you telling me we traded Martin Chavez for a player that can't get picked over an out-of-position rookie?
  • Its ridiculous that the Rapids are at a point that with two injuries we're out of capable starting center backs, especially as one injury put us in a position where we were out of regular right backs.  Horrible roster construction.
  • The high point of the match was Dillon Serna's jaw dropping goal.  Great volley, easy Goal of the Week and will be in the running for Goal of the Year (but won't win it).
  • But the Rapids could only keep the lead for 15 minutes before more defensive chaos gave up a goal.  After that it was another two goals (and almost a 3rd) as the Rapids pushed forward that put Colorado away.
  • A garbage goal late from Brown made the scoreline look better, but it was meaningless in the big picture.
Man of the Match: Dillon Serna for the uber-goal.

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