Monday, August 11, 2014

I've Got Nothing

Just like the FSL game last week, we could recycle the game review from the New England game by changing the name and  it would be fairly accurate.  Two goals (including a stupid PK foul from Wynne) in 12 minutes meant the Rapids had to chase the game again, exactly what they couldn't afford to do.  Again we saw an inability to break down the defense and the attack left them open for Dallas to get a 3rd early into the 2nd half.  The Rapids finally did break through on a soft PK (but no softer than the one Wynne gave up) for Torres to score one but it was too little too late.

Some stats from the 3 game losing streak:

  • We've outshot our opponents 54-28
  • Despite that our opponents have put 15 shots on goal to our 14
  • Our opponents have scored 7 goals, or about 47% of their shots on goal and 25% of their total shots
  • We've scored 1 goal, on a PK, or about 7% of our shots on goal and under 2% of our total shots
That shows both sides of our problem.  Our opposition is way too efficient with their attack, indicating that our defense is getting beat badly, and our attack is woefully inefficient despite the large number of shots.

These last three games have also killed our playoff hopes.  We've dropped to a tie for 6th in the conference and San Jose in 8th can catch us with their games in hand.  Given the historical playoff line being somewhere around 48-50 points the Rapids need 18-20 points in their last 11 games, with 6 of those 11 on the road.

Based on their play right now, I'd be shocked if we got many more than 12 points in our last 11 games.  I don't see how we're going to get 18-20.

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