Thursday, August 21, 2014

Well, At Least It Was Entertaining

As expected the Rapids leaked goals like a sieve.  Unexpectedly the offense actually showed up for a half, scoring 3 nice goals.  Sadly that wasn't enough and the Rapids lost their 5th straight 4-3, with the retiring Donovan getting the winner.  Defensively this was the same game we've seen in the last 5 games, but at least the offense made it an interesting game.
  • We're now down to .28 pts/game on short rest.  We're at 1.56 pts/game on "normal" rest.  The good news is that there's no more short rest games this season.
  • I know its the "thing" now in American sports, but giving gifts to a retiring player on the visiting team drives me crazy.  "Thanks for kicking the crap out of us for so many years!"  Last night apparently the Rapids gave Donovan a ski pass, a swag bag from Vail Resorts, and a bottle of wine from Kroenke's winery.  Oh, and the game-winning goal.
  • On the flip side, the honoring of Jamie Smith was nicely done.  Bagpipes!  And Jamie in full kilt with sporran!  That was fun.
  • Hairston's first professional goal to start the scoring was nicely placed.  A snap shot at a tight angle.
  • Edson with #100 finally!
  • Who knew Marc Burch had a dead ball shot like that?
  • Watts had a better than expected game at center back.  He was pushed to his limit I think but he managed for the most part.
  • If his hamstring is serious we'll see more of VDC who was....not good.
  • Apparently Buddle also left with a hamstring, maybe more Torres?
  • In the end though this was a perfect example of one team having more talent and being better than the other.  LA took the first half off, then flipped the switch and won the game.
  • The team did look more engaged in this game than they have in the past four, but heart isn't enough.  When you're playing Keane and Donovan with your 3rd and 5th choice CB's you're going to need something amazing to win.
Man of the Match: Edson Buddle.  Congrats on finally getting #100.

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