Monday, May 4, 2015

Tired Rapids Hold On For A Point

Colorado finished its cross-country trip how they started, with a 1-1 draw, their third of the week+.  The game was sloppy, due to fatigue from the Rapids and inexperience from the Galaxy.  Arena decided to give a number of starters a break before their 3 games in a week this week and paid for the decision by losing 2 points  Travelling 6000 miles and getting two draws against two of the better teams in the league was a successful week for Colorado.

General impressions:
  • Pittinari, Cronin, and LaBrocca all int he starting lineup kind of told you this wasn't going to be a high-scoring game.
  • Fleming had a laugh out loud moment early: "They got past the first 34 seconds, that's the first hurdle right?" (I may have the quote slightly wrong).  I appreciate being able to laugh at the debacle from last season.
  • LaBrocca picked up an early yellow, then pushed  his luck a couple of times.  Glad he didn't see red.
  • Got to love scoring just before half like that.  Torres pushes his team lead to 4 goals which is actually enough to tie for 6th in the league.
  • Cronin had the armband in this one, maybe for the first time this year?
  • Badji had a shot in this game that went out for a throw-in.  On the scale of badness that pegged the needle.
  • I (and other fans) got worried when Juninho, Ishizaki, and Gordon all came in for LA.  Turns out it was for good reason.  An Ishizaki corner to Gordon leveled the score.
  • Irwin didn't have a defender on either post and was beaten just inside the near post.  I know the decision to guard the post is largely an individual one by the keeper but it seems that more often than not at least one post is covered to narrow the goal.
  • The Rapids looked fatigued leading up to the LA goal.  I don't know that it really affected the defense on a set piece but I would have liked to see Pablo sub earlier at this end of a long road trip.
  • Pablo's subs confuse me.  Two weeks ago when down to Seattle Pablo subbed in defenders (which, admittedly, the offensive depth on the bench was thin).  This week, defending a 1-0 and a 1-1 scoreline he subs in three attackers.
  • The draws are god given the situation but this team needs wins.  One point at a time is not good enough.  This coming week with San Jose in town on short rest is as close as you can get to a must win without playoff elimination on the line. 
Man of the Match: Gabriel Torres.  4 gals in 5 games now and he's really found his touch.  He certainly showed Badji how to finish a 1 v 1.

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