Monday, May 7, 2018

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

Starting players clearly worse than other players on the bench (or not in the 180.  Playing boring defensive soccer.  Multiple game losing streaks when nothing changes.  Is this the 2018 or the 2017 Rapids?  Saturday night in KC looked exactly like the Pablo-ball we all got sick of by mid-2015.  Kc should have won by multiple goals, so holding them to one is a positive to take out but right now this team looks a lot like the Rapids teams of the last few years with a bit more (largely unused) talent.

  • Kip Colvey is not a MLS player.  I know Serna has issues too but he should still be starting over Colvey.
  • Boli has been here 7 weeks and can't start over McBean?  Clearly somebody is failing.  Either Hudson is ignoring his talent or Smith signed a lemon.
  • Wynne shouldn't be starting over Sjoberg.  He's a decent bench player but there are better combinations of the back line that don't involve him.
  • Hey, Aigner, Hudson?  Get over it.  Its ridiculous that we're starting Martinez and just-arrived-in-the-last-72-hours Nicholson while Aigner can't make the 18.
  • The reason KC should have won bey 3-4 is that they had that many unmarked looks in the box.  On their one goal three different unmarked players touched the ball in the box before the goal.
  • I'd talk about our offense, but there wasn't much.  Badji had one good look that he curved outside the post, and he did a lot of the work to get that look.  Yeah, you want him to hit that shot but if our strategy to get points depends on Badji hitting his one or two looks he gets every game we're not going to see a lot  of points.  No team would.
  • After all that, Mcben actually had better statistics than Mason and Boli combined.  McBean had a shot and a shot on goal, the other two combined for one shot.  That doesn't mean I want McBean starting though.
  • Somehow Price has gone three games without a yellow card.
  • Somebody did the research.  Looking back at our last 10 road wins the 10th was in 2014.  We lost to Chivas USA, a defunct team, on the road since then.
  • Right now we're on pace to finish 1 point better than last season.
  • Until Hudson can wake up and actually put together a real MLS starting XI this team is going nowhere and likely won't be very entertaining while they do it. 
Man of the Match: Tim Howard.  Made a couple of good saves and not at fault on the goal.  Though to be honest it was really choosing the best of the worst in this one.

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Jester said...

At least one thing is changing, the ticket prices go up every year. 😒
Maybe they should change the team name to Route One FC.