Monday, May 21, 2018

Well, that sucked

At least I hope Saturday was rock bottom because if we're still falling I want to just impact and get it over with.  The team was outclassed in every way.  Out coached, out played, out hustled, the Rapids didn't belong on the same field as NYCFC, or any other MLS team this weekend.

We've lost 5 in a row while being outscored 12-2.  The last time we lost 5 in a row was this time last year, and that was by a combined 7 goals.  To find a 5 game run this bad you have to go back to the dregs of 2014 and that 14 game winless run which included a 7 game losing streak that was capped off by the embarrassing 6-0 beatdown in LA.

This team is a mess and I don't see a long-term plan for getting better.  We have multiple players starting that belong in USL, a coach and a high=priced attacker who can't get along, and injuries and fitness issues keeping our best players off the field.  This season is likely already over, 4 of the next 5 at home might save up, but only if we win them all.

Man of the Match:  Anyone who watched all 90 minutes of that match (I didn't).

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Brad Towne said...

Maybe, just maybe, Padraig Smith is not really good at his job. This has been his team (or he has had a major role in FA signings and drafting) since effectively 2015. Meaning this is the fourth year under which the supposed Stats Wunderkind was supposed to find talent at value.

The exact opposite has happened. This team has one of the highest payrolls, and is a hodge-podge of mis-matched parts for a mis-matched system. Add to the fact, this team's reputation is only going to make is harder for any player of decent talent to want to agree to sign with this club.

I finally threw in the towel this year, and quite frankly, just want the Rapids to move, fold or be sold so that something can start from scratch.