Wednesday, June 25, 2008

News and Notes

OK, back from my trip out of town, but down with a cold. So just a quick wrapup of some of the goings-on in the last week.

  • Rapids hold Houston to a 0-0 draw at home. With only 1 shot on goal it doesn't sound like there was any real chance to win the game.
  • More lineup craziness with Pablo on the backline for the first time this season as we revert to a 3-5-2. Somebody tell me why we're not using Pablo at his natural d-mid position?
  • Both Peterson and Gomez go down with injury. No real loss on Peterson, Cooke should be starting anyway, but if Christian is down for any length of time we're in real trouble.
  • WeWantRapidman is reporting that Clavijo is upset that Bouna Time! hasn't called him while he was in Senegal and is considering giving Justin Hughes a start even after Bouna gets back. If this happens it would be a new low for Clavijo. This is the exact thing that U.S. players were (and are) forced to go through when playing for European teams, and a former U.S. player is going to turn around and do it himself? Bush league.
  • Speaking of bush league, sprinklers going off on players warming off after half? 17 minute lighting delay? Not the best of days for the DSG Park Operations Team.
  • John Murphy has been removed as assistant coach by Fernando Clavijo, who was complaining about the amount of time he missed while travelling to become the first born American to get his UEFA pro badge. As we saw with FC's complaints about Pablo and Bouna missing time with their National Teams this is something that was foreseeable, planned for, but suddenly Clavijo can't handle. Me thinks he's getting a little desperate. I also wonder if he feels threatened by Murphy getting his UEFA badge, given Clavijo's less than stellar track record.
  • I was way off on my Euro 2008 semi predictions last week. The only team I had right was Spain. Mt final prediction is Germany beating Spain, we'll see if I'm any closer with this one.

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