Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekend Roundup 6/14-6/15 & Euro 2008 comments

This will be the last Weekend Update for a few weeks. With only the Rapids in season for the next month or so I'll put the Update on hiatus until other teams start playing competitive games again.

Colorado Rapids - My game wrapup is here. The Rapids fell to a fourth place tie with FSL with the loss, points behind LA. We're tied with New York and FSL for 9th in the league overall. We're tied with New England for the 4th best offense and we're tied with Houston for the 9th best defense.

Tenerife - Tenerife finished the season in Malaga trying to spoil their promotion chances. Malaga proved to be too much for CDT and Tenerife ended on a down note. Tenerife finished 11th out of 22 in the Spanish Segunda with 53 points. 3 points from a regulation spot and 19 points from a promotion spot.

*****EURO 2008 SPOILERS AHEAD*****

  • Things have picked up here at the end of the group stage.

  • What happened to Peter Cheh? 15 minutes from advancement and he falls apart?

  • The Turkey - Czech Republic game was the best of the tournament so far.

  • Wow, where has this Dutch team been the last 10 years? They look like the favorites right now.

  • France goes out scoring one goal and not winning a single game. Reminds me of the U.S. in WC '98.

  • Greece, Austria, and the Swiss were obviously outclassed in this tournament.

  • I'm seeing Portugal - Croatia and Spain - Netherlands in the semis, with the Dutch winning it all, probably over Portugal. My initial prediction of a Germany-Italy final doesn't look likely, even if they get to the semis I don't see them winning.

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