Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Roundup 6/7-6/8 & Euro 2008 comments

Colorado Rapids - My game wrapup is here. The Rapids fell to third place with the loss, 2 points behind LA, and Houston. We're tied with New York for 7th in the league overall. We have the 3rd best offense and we're tied with Toronto for the 5th best defense.

Tenerife - Tenerife made their supporters sweat this one out. After scoring early, allowing the equalizer, and regaining the lead they let the opposition have the run of play in the second half. The defense held firm though and walked away with a vital 3 points. With the victory CDT is safe from relegation. They jump back into the top 10 at 10th, with 1 game to play. They will finish between 8th and 14th.

*****EURO 2008 SPOILERS AHEAD*****

  • Wow, so far this has been a dull tournament.
  • With 15 minutes to go in the final game of the day every game has had at least one team shut out.
  • The Swiss were unlucky. They probably should have gotten a PK for a handball, then to lose their star striker. Not going to be a good tournament for the hosts.
  • Meanwhile the Croatians were quite lucky. A fair PK, but one that isn't called often, followed by allowing the Austrians to control the game.
  • Hey, if you fell asleep during France - Romania, wake up!
  • The first Dutch goal was onside. a player off the field without the permission of the referee is considered when determining if an attacker is offside
  • Predictions based on the play of the first 2 groups: Czech Rep., Portugal, Germany, and Croatia advance, Germany and Portugal to play in the semi final.
  • The Dutch are the class of Group C so far, Italy could be in trouble if France can take advantage.

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