Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why Blackburn Rovers?

Another in my occasional series where I explain why I've picked the teams I have.

So why Blackburn Rovers? They aren't one of the "big" names of English football, ManU, Liverpool, etc. Well that was part of it. I don't like to pick the big team, I like rooting for the underdog. The main reason though is Big Bad Brad Friedel.

I'll be honest. The first EPL side I rooted for was Leicester City. When I started following soccer 10 years ago Kasey Keller was (and still is) one of my favorite players. He grew up in the Puget Sound region, like me, and I've always enjoyed watching good goalkeeping. He was playing for Leicester at the time, so I picked them. Eventually though Keller moved on to Spain and Leicester found the relegation zone. until the last couple of years it was difficult, at best, to follow a non EPL side in the States, so I decided I needed another EPL team to root for. I went with my pattern of picking an American keeper, and that was Brad Friedel.

Unlike my following of Leicester though, I've grown to be a fan of Rovers for more than just the keeper. Rovers have added more players that I like, like former DC United back Ryan Nelsen and young striker Matt Derbyshire. They also added former Leicester midfielder Robbie Savage for a while, who was always one of my favorites at LCFC.

More than just the players though, the team has had a good philosophy about their goals. They've made strong economic choices that have allowed them to be competitive in the EPL. They haven't over extended themselves, and yet have been in the running for Europe for the last few seasons, just barely missing getting a slot for the 08/09 season. They will probably never challenge for the EPL title again while the big money of Arsenal and Chelsea is still available, but they're in the next group pf strong teams. Of course much of that is due to manager Mark Hughes, who has just been stolen away by Manchester City. The choice of the next manager will be critical to continue this style of play.

Eventually Brad will retire, and maybe Blackburn will end up relegated. With the advances in soccer coverage in the U.S. and availability of news on the Internet I doubt you'll see me giving up Blackburn like I gave up Leicester.

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Anonymous said...

wats up brothers i m the black burn fan i love blackburn because i hat man u and man u and bb is rche rival of man u and i hate man u so black burn fans lets es join together and help bb win each game and specially eith man utd