Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trade Update

Goff had an update on the rumored Gibbs/Burpo - Thompson/Larentowicz trade with the Revs:

New England Revolution was preparing to trade midfielders Jeff Larentowicz and Wells Thompson to the Colorado Rapids for goalkeeper Preston Burpo and defender Cory Gibbs. The latest buzz is that there were issues involving Gibbs' contract as well as a delay until Monday for his medical exam to be performed by the Revs.

At this point I'm fairly confident the trade will get done. The real question is the Rapids signing Larentowicz to a new contract. Reportedly the reason New England wants to move him is that he's asking for more salary in his new contract than New England is willing to pay. He considered moving to Europe but injuries have probably prevented that for now. Last year Larentowicz made $34,000 in the last year of his first contract. now that he's getting looks by Bob Bradley though, he can demand significantly higher than that.


Allen said...

Sorry, Jeff Bradley?

Jason Maxwell said...

Um yeah, I got nothing. Fixed