Monday, January 25, 2010

Training Camp Opens Today!

The Rapids reported to Commerce City today to start training camp. The first practice is scheduled for Wednesday. We are almost exactly two months from the opening game and its time for Colorado to figure out what they have. They enter camp with the following players on the roster:

Under Senior Contract:
Matt Pickens

Julian Baudet
Ty Harden
Kosuke Kimura
Drew Moor
Scott Palguta

Mehdi Ballouchy
Colin Clark
Greg Dalby
Nick LaBrocca
Jeff Larentowicz
Pablo Mastroeni
Jamie Smith
Wells Thompson

Conor Casey
Omar Cummings
Facundo Diz
Pat Noonan

Under Contract (type unknown):
Andre Akpan

Under Development Contract:
Steward Ceus

Michael Holody
Rob Valentino

Ciaran O'Brien

Ross Schunk

Drafted but Unsigned:
Chad Borak

Chris Cutshaw
Ross LaBauex

So that's 18 senior players and 5 development players already under contract plus Akpan. Last year the roster limits were 20 senior players and 4 development players. The new CBA will have a big influence on the roster limits this year, but for know I'll proceed assuming they will not be changed. Depending on Akpan the Rapids can still sign 1 or 2 senior players, but they are already over the limit on development players. Bravo has talked about more moved to come, so I think we have to assume that would include adding another senior player or two, so anyone on the edge might be in trouble.

I think the players in biggest trouble are Greg Dalby, who's done nothing, and Mehdi Ballouchy who's shown he can't run a MLS offense. I wouldn't be shocked to see Facundo Diz and/or Pat Noonan cut if another forward is brought in. From the development players I think Ross Shunk faces immediate competition form Andre Akpan. The GA status of O'Brien and Valentino makes them harder to cut, but I'm sure we're shopping them around. Holody looked decent in his outings last year, and Ceus has a shot at backing up Pickens. The un-signed draftees have a tough hill to climb to claim a spot on a roster that's already pretty young.

Now that camp has opened we should start to see some real roster churn. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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