Monday, March 26, 2012

Colorado Gets Gored By New York

The Rapids got beat down in the Big Apple.  The game was over in 7 minutes and it wasn't undeserved.  A horrible performance from our midfield and the defense wasn't much better.  I'm not going to spend much time recapping the game, but lets take a look at the 5 goals.  To start the disaster, Ross LaBauex sent Henry free on Pickens with a great through ball.  too bad LaBauex plays for the Rapids and that was supposed to be a back pass.  On the second, Henry hit Cooper at the top of the box and Moor mad a comical slide that failed to do anything, which allowed Lurch to best Pickens on the far post.  Shortly after half Henry beat the offside trap on a free kick from Henry and Wynne's speed didn't let him compensate and once again Pickens was beat far post.  The Rapids finally got back into the match as Cummings hit a gorgeous bending long shot from 20 yards after Castrillon stole the ball from Marquez.  The hope was short lived as Lurch continued his return from the dead after the defense pretty much stopped trying, getting his second goal by being unmarked inside the 6 yard box.

My key to look for was the midfield.  It sucked, badly.  Castrillon did what he could but LaBauex was seriously overmatched and Thompson is a decent defensive sub but he can't contribute without more support.

Other Observations:
  • I said last week was a really bad game from the midfield, but I was wrong.  This was the really bad game.  The midfield could hold any kind of possession and even before the Red Bulls scored twice in the first 7 minutes it was going to be a long match.
  • Ross LaBaeux should have been subbed at halftime, if not in the first half.  He clearly wasn't up to the level of play.
  • The midfield got a bit better when Drew Moor, of all people, moved forward into the d-mid role.  If we ever have to do this again we should consider putting him in the midfield.
  • Cummings got a goal finally, which is great, but he still didn't seem sharp.
  • After the game Pareja took the blame, saying he made a mistake in the midfield.  Good to see that level of self-awareness and willingness to admit it already.
  • The referee had no knowledge of how to use the advantage rule.  both sides had good attacks called back for free kicks instead, and advantage played when it should have been a free kick.
  • That said, there's no excuse for Henry sprinting to midfield form the penalty area to get in the ref's face about a bad call when NY was up 3-0 late in the game.  MLS needs to do more to stop that.
  • Well next week we're finally back home, let's hope having Ginger Ninja back on home ground will produce a better result.
Player Of The Game: Tony Cascio.  In a game where the forwards were pretty much left to fend for themselves Casscio created a number of chances and moved the ball well.  Not bad for the rookie.

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