Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rivero And Reserves Update

The Rapids have now gotten FIFA involved in their roadblock of Rivero's International Transfer Certificate.  FIFA has given the Argentinian FA (and Rivero's old team Rosario Central) a deadline to deliver the ITC to US Soccer.  If they don't comply FIFA will provisionally clear Rivero to play for Colorado without it.  The deadline hasn't been made public but the Rapids seem optimistic that Rivero will be cleared to play it time for Sunday's game.

Today the reserve team had their second game of the short 10-game reserve season, hosting Dallas at the Dick. They ended up once again losing 1-0 on a late goal.  Along with trialists Edu and Kamani Hill they were joined by trialist Franco Donado, a Colombian holding midfielder who didn't get a chance to get into today's game.  Edu and Hill started the game and Academy player Dillon Serna got 17 minutes as well.

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