Monday, August 20, 2012

Chivas Essentially Eliminate Rapids From Playoff Race

Rapids get lead, Rapids lose lead, Rapids actually draw.  Yeah, an added twist to the last two months, this time we didn't lose the game, just the lead.  Most of the game consisted of the Rapids getting the ball into great situations and then blowing it.  Seriously, the Rapids had 19 attempts on goal, 5 shots on target, 1 goal.  Chivas had 5 attempts on goal, 2 shots on target, 1 goal.

On the Rapids goal it was all Mullan.  After a decent chance was snuffed out by Shalrie Joseph Mullan challenged him for the ball at the top of the box.  Joseph went down pretty easy, had he not he might have gotten a foul call.  instead Mullan popped free with the ball and was in 1 on 1 with the keeper.  He put it far post to give the Rapids the early lead.

The lead held up until the 83rd minute.  The only time Chivas got close before that was a 25+ yard shot in the 70th minute that Pickens saved.  In the 83rd Tristen Bowen got deep down the left side and Freeman was unable to stop the cross.  Pickens dove out but only deflected the ball into the path of Juan Pablo Angel who finished it and allowed Chivas to steal a point.

My key to the game was the defense not giving up a goal on a blunder.  Oops.

Other Observations:
  • The amount of great chances Cummings, Cascio, Casey, and Rivero blew was astounding.  We should have had another 3-4 goals easy.
  • Right now Omar Cummings couldn't find the back of the net with a map and a GPS.  At this point, once Casey is healthy, Omar should probably head to the bench.
  • Freeman could have done better on the Rapids goal, but Pickens has to pounce on that ball.  That's why we have a top goalkeeper.
  • Drew Moor was marking Angel and got beat, but the deflection by Pickens made it a tough situation for him.
  • I like Cascio's drive to the goal but occasionally he needs to pull it back instead of shooting from a poor angle.
  • A number of people on-line are posting about how Pareja/Bravo have ripped apart the MLS Cup team.  In this match 6 of the MLS Cup 2010 starters started.  2 came off the bench, 1 due to injury (Casey), and 1 due to coach's decision (Smith).  2 were injured and out (Pablo, Wallace).  The only healthy starter from the MLS Cup team that didn't play for the Rapids Saturday night was Kimura.  That's not exactly ripping a team apart.  (And 1 of the MLS Cup subs also subbed in, Thompson)
  • I thought there was a slim playoff hope left if we won this game.  We still have 2 games against an awful Portland team, another game against Chivas, and 3 other home games.  If we can't beat Chivas at home though we aren't going to beat them on the road and we may not beat Portland on the road.  We are now looking towards 2013.
Player Of The Game: Brian Mullan.  He's the only consistent field player we have at this point.  He was easily the MVP of this game, even if he hadn't scored.

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