Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seventh Verse, Same As The First

Rapids get lead, Rapids lose lead, Rapids lose cool, Rapids lose game, again.  That's pretty much the description of Saturday's game.

My key to the game was keeping things going from last week.  Nope, reverted back to our July form.

Other Observations:
  • Despite me saying this was the same as past games I will say that the defensive breakdowns weren't as bad.  The first Dallas goal somebody should have stepped up on, but it was still a low-percentage shot from outside the box.  The second goal was just a great free kick.  The third (and game-winning) goal however, that was a complete defensive mess.
  • Of course, if our offense could convert int eh first half we could have ended the game even before Dallas scored.
  • Omar Cummings, in particular, had a horrible game.  He had two great chances to score a second goal and completely flubbed them.
  • The first was a wide open goal from 30 yards.  A difficult shot but makeable.  Instead he rushed his shot and didn't even get close.
  • The second found him unmarked less than 10 yards out with Hartman out of position.  A striker can either power it home on the first touch or settle and place the ball.  Omar settled and then tried to power it home, which means he drove it right where Hartman was scrambling back into position for the save.
  • Castrillon got another goal to lead the team.  He's looking better up front but still disappears for long stretches.
  • The real disappointing thing was how the team lost its cool.  Moor got a yellow card that could have easily been a red and Castrillon got baited into a red card.
  • Castrillon deserved his red, sticking a boot into a player's face will draw it every time.  That said, George John is a punk.  He forced the contact and then flopped badly after the fact to get the red card.  He really deserves a post-game fine.
  • Another game where the Rapids played well enough to win for 95% of the game, but couldn't find the final pieces on either end to get the 3 points.
Player Of The Game: Brian Mullan.  Despite only playing a half he was our best player.  I have no idea why he was subbed at half.

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