Monday, August 6, 2012

Rapids Beat FSL, All Is Right With The World

Apparently the problem with the Rapids in July was the fact that it was July.  As soon as we got out of the month we won!  Colorado took advantage of a FSL team that never got their heads in the game and got their first shutout in a month for a 1-0 win.

The first big moment of the game would turn out to be as close as FSL would get to scoring a goal.  Justin Braun headed down a cross and Pickens came up big with the save.  Immediately afterwards Moor got tangled with Saborio in front of the goal and Pickens had to step in to prevent any extra-curricular activities that might result in cards.

In the 38th minute Moor whipped in a cross to Castrillon.  His header attempt deflected right back to Nane at the top of the box.  For the second time in the game Nane had a clear shot and hit the crossbar.  Unlike the first time though, this time the ball deflected into the goal for a 1-0 lead.  It was Nane's first professional goal.  The half ended with Saborio reportedly expressing his displeasure with Class VI and Espindola also reportedly expressing his displeasure with the Pid Army.  To quote Top Gun they were "Communicating.  Keeping up foreign relations."  Always good to get into the opponent's heads like that.

The second half was much like the first.  The Rapids controlled a majority of the play and had some good chances, including Castrillon hitting the post, but couldn't convert.  FSL got the ball into dangerous positions but couldn't get a shot on target.  Their most dangerous attack came in stoppage time but a quick defense (Wynne and Zapata) put a stop to it and the Rapids broke their 6 game losing streak.

There was no key to the game until the Rapids won.  So I guess they'll be a key to the game next week. ;)

Other Observations:
  • .Castrillon was working all night to get a goal but couldn't convert.  He hit the post, had a couple of good headers saved, and had one deflected to Nane that ended up as a goal.  As I suggested a few weeks ago he does seem to be a better fit up front than in the midfield.
  • Cummings showed a few moments of the old Omar.  Unfortunately he hasn't found the scoring touch yet.
  • Rivero appears to be good for the first 60 minutes or so, then he drops off dramatically.  Bringing Hill in for him was a good move.
  • Nane had another solid game until his injury, I'm starting to think he's not a waste of a roster spot. ;)
  • Moving Mullan back to right back when Marshall got injured was an interesting move.  I wonder if we might see a long-term move for Brian?
  • Wells Thompson, aka the Holy Hacker, was used in the perfect spot again, a defensive sub when the Rapids have the lead.
  • The tema just looked like they wanted it more than they had in a while.  I don't know what during the week caused the change, but I'm glad they figured it out.
  • The Rapids avoided being the first team to be swept and go scoreless in the Rocky Mountain Cup, so at least there's that.
Player Of The Game: Matt Pickens & Brian Mullan.  I'm splitting it because they both had good games and they both hit major milestones.  Pickens won his 40th game as Rapid, a new team record.  Mullan played in his 300th MLS game, only the 15th field player in league history to hit that mark (Mastroeni and Marshall have also reached that mark).

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