Friday, January 10, 2014

Pareja Officially Out

The Rapids and Dallas just made it official 20 minutes ago.  Dallas buys out Pareja's contract and send allocation money and their second 2015 first-round Superdraft pick to Colorado and hired Oscar Pareja as their coach.  The Rapids are now looking for a coach, and reports are they're going to take a while.

A decent return for a position the Rapids never should have been in.  This was poorly handled by everyone, the Rapids (who hired somebody with a reported buyout, then had no plan when that buyout was exercised)., Pareja (who told Colorado he wanted to stay, up until 2 weeks before preseason started, leaving the team without a coach), and Dallas (who couldn't help but leak information and stir the pot, though they probably handled it the best).

More on the staff additions today shortly, but while the Draft seems to be in capable hands it appears that we'll open preseason a week from Monday without a coach, which can't be spun as anything but bad.  I don't understand how the Rapids (assuming the report about Pareja's contract having a buyout is correct) didn't have a plan in the works the moment Hyndman announced he was leaving.  It appears they were caught completely flat-footed a week ago and they've been scrambling since then.  Even if they had a plan and saw this coming, the handling of this week with the complete silence except for spinning through well placed leaks makes it appear that they were bumbling through the saga.  An embarrassing week from the FO finally comes to an end.

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