Monday, January 20, 2014

Rumored Move and SuperDraft Part 2

One rumor before  a quick SuperDraft preview.  Reports out of Houston and Chris Bianchi on the Colorado side are that Tony Cascio will become the first player in league history to be loaned inside the league.  He'll be sent to Houston for the 2014 season and in return the Rapids will get an international slot for some length of time (for 1 season as well would be my guess).  This is an interesting move as with Houston in the East we're really only directly hurting ourselves if Cascio plays in our one game against them, and we're getting a player (presumably) playing time that he probably won't get here.  Solid move as reported IMO.

Now onto tomorrow's SuperDraft part 2.  2 rounds just like Thursday but this will be a more efficient conference call and not the media event the first 2 rounds were.  Odds are we won't get much of a live tracker, just a set of results at the end.  The Rapids hold their natural picks in each round at #11.

As a Husky I hope we take a look at Michael Harris out of Washington.  He's a RB, which we need, and has an insane long throw (start at 2:15 in the video below).  Worth taking a shot IMO.

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