Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tim Hinchey AMA

Tim Hinchey had a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) this afternoon with a number of interesting notes.  In no particular order and my reactions to the information:

Number of coaching candidates interviewed:
None thus far. Since the transition was so late, we didn't want to rush. We have a solid infastructure in our Soccer Ops group that can take us forward while we start the formal search.
Um, what?!?  Just over 6 weeks to the start of the season and we haven't even started interviewing coaches?  Ridiculous.  Somebody has to lead this team.

Asked why Pablo hasn't just been named coach:
Appreicate the Pablo comment, clearly I'm a fan, however we will be reaching out to several other candidates before we make any final decision.
When pushed as to why they're screwing around with this and not just naming Pablo since that's clearly what they're going to do:
 We will talk with other candidates, and that has begun this week. I think Pablo is great and clearly could be the most important person ever to work for this club.  
So there's really some other candidates that would be interested in taking over a team weeks before the season starts?  Really?  Consider me skeptical.

Plans for the new home kit reveal:
New kit will be home so new Burgundy and will be launched just before the opener
Good that we're staying burgundy, but I'd prefer to see it before we're a week into the season (we'll wear the Colorado flag blues for our season opener in NY).

Status of a jersey sponsor:
this continues to be my biggest challenge thus far, we've been very active and have engaged a third party firm to help us secure the shirt deal. It keeps my up at night and I'm personally disappointed I haven't delivered this yet.
Wait, haven't we heard that before in 2010...and 2011...and 2012...and 2013?  Should I just schedule this statement for January of 2015?

Status of the relationship with Arsenal:
We are actually making some decent progress here. They have a much bigger club to run with bigger challenges, etc, so we need to earn this partnership. Paul and I have had more access then ever in the last six months and I'm truly confident it will grow. Have Galindo here is a great step and he could become our first loan.
I only put this in as it confirms that Galindo would be a loan, not a signing.  The rest is what you would expect.

On what happened with Eloundou last year:
 Not more that has been reported really. To me, he was being held unfairly by clubs and some agents trying to cash in on the young man. working between federations is tough and way too political. We decided it was worth holding out for him as we think he's an amazing talent and deserves a safe enviornment to grow his craft and score a few goals for the Rapids! Thus far, he has truly impressed and is a great young man.
I'm really looking forward to seeing what Eloundou can bring.  Glad to see the faith in him from the FO.

Updates on Martin Rivero and Hendry Thomas
 we will not be bringing Martin back to the club at this time. He's a great pro and we wish him nothing but success. I'm 50/50 on Hendry. He too has been brilliant here for the Rapids, but we need to find middle ground financially.
So that makes it official with Rivero, no surprise.  I don't expect Thomas back either, especially if they're pursuing Galindo.

On the split of duties between Hinchey and Bravo, and KSE's support of the team:
Paul and I work very closely together. I am responsible for all aspects of our club, however I entrust Paul to run all over our soccer operations. I invest the majority of my time on the commercial business of the club and working to get our business to a break even or better. Stan's support has been amazing during my tenure and he's very supportive of the Rapids. 
Pretty much what they've made known for the last two years.  It also fits the "coach as the cook" idea, Bravo buys the ingredients (players) and the coach makes the meal (lineups and tactics).

On the rumor that Arsenal will be making a U.S. tour this summer:
 I think Arsenal is considering a one match visit as part of a larger tournament, not here at DSGP.
That would be incredibly lame if Kroenke couldn't get his EPL team to come to Denver while they were in the States.

On friendlies in general this summer:
No friendlies planned this summer thus far. We break for World Cup and then the World LAX Championships are here at DSGP for all of July. Make's it too tough.
I can appreciate the difficulties this summer, but it is a step down from Swansea City two years ago and the WCQ last year.  They need to raise the bar again in 2015 if nothing happens this summer.

On partnering with the new USL team in the Springs:
We will not be partnering that USL team.
And when asked what they had to do with the establishment of the team:
we had zero to do what that club. 
Well, that's pretty cut and dried.  Seems odd to pass up the opportunity but the blanket statements makes it seem tehre's something about the team they don't like.  I know the owners of the new team have some question marks around them, maybe that has something to do with it?

On the often floated idea of going to a Fall-to-Spring schedule:
Hate it. we've established 18 years of this time of year. Also, did you read recently that some clubs/league overseas want to consider changing to ours?
Good.  Its a stupid idea.

So some interesting bits of knowledge there.  Disappointed in the lack of a coaching search so far though.  They need to step it up on that front.

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