Monday, January 6, 2014

Pareja Resigning(?): Day 3

Monday hit and brought nothing.  The only bit of news on the Pareja front was Chris Bianchi tweeting he was attending a Denver-area player combine presumably for the Rapids.  So apparently Ives report on Monday was a bit off as Oscar appears to still be the coach of the Rapids as of this morning.

My guess is that on Friday the decision was finalized that Pareja would go to Dallas but he did not resign.  Either the Rapids and Dallas are still working on the compensation to buy him out (and/or deal with any possible tampering charge) or Colorado is waiting to release him until they have his replacement lined up.

If I were Colorado I'd set up the new coach but not let Pareja go to Dallas until the end of next week, to prevent him from taking any scouting knowledge to Dallas prior to the Superdraft next week.  Let Bravo run the draft, possibly with the new coach present as a "special advisor" then the next day make the coaching move.

One other bit of news today was a rumor that a trade was going to announced by the Rapids this afternoon.  Nothing happened but maybe we'll see something on that front in the next day or two.  If so my money would be on Wynne or Pickens leaving.  It will be hard for the Rapids to keep both Pickens and Irwin, and probably a waste of salary.  Wynne is just a gut feel based on some talk floating around near the end of the season.

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