Monday, May 5, 2014

Ciao To LA!

I've got to work tonight and we've got a game in two days, so short recap.  The Rapids controlled the first half and survived the second half en route to a 1-0 victory over the Galaxy.  Before the game I said to Kinda "Now that I predicted a 2-2 shootout we'll end up with a 1-0 game".  Guess I saw that coming.  It helped that Keane shanked the gift PK LA got.

Both sides got lucky not to concede more than they did.  At halftime I said that if the strikers had shown up we would have had a 4-3 game at half.  Seattle had two open net chances while Brown had three chances that he missed converting by inches (including one that went off the post but would have been a Goal of the Year candidate had it gone in).

My strategic consideration was Keane and Donovan not running wild.  They had a couple of chances (including the PL) but for the most part 

Other Observations:
  • Sanchez picked up a knock early, played through it, and hit that gorgeous goal.  Of course he's already been ruled out for Wednesday's game and probably Sunday's.
  • Hairston passed his concussion protocols but is also out for Wednesday.
  • He had a great game though until he took the knock to the head.  More and more young guys pushing for minutes in midfield.
  • Which brings us to LaBrocca.  Solid game from him, but more and more I see him and Sturgis as role players and bench help, not starters.  With Serna, Sanchez, Powers, Jose Mari, Hairston, Eloundou, and even Chavez as options, there aren't many minutes left for LaBrocca and Sturgis.
  • Jose Mari kept Landon quiet most of the game.  Another good performance from the Spaniard.
  • BTW, last week I was feeling better about the U.S.'s chances in Brazil seeing Dempsey carve us up.  Seeing Landon this week sent my hopes the other direction.  Looks like he's carrying a few extra pounds and he isn't nearly as aggressive as in the past.
  • Irwin had a good game, but in two straight week's he's come off his line against a start Nats player (Dempsey and Donovan) and not gotten to the ball.  Learn the lesson Clint.
  • Burch didn't have a bad game, but he seemed to be the weak point on the defense.  I expect Klute to move back to the left side for Piermayr to come in.
  • That said, Klute certainly proved he could handle himself at right back.
  • Buddle, ugh.  Feet of stone, every ball he touched seemed to spring away from him.
  • Friend took a total dive to draw the PK, no contact was made.  But Moor has to be smarter than to put the boot up there where the ref could call him for it.  Ball don't lie though. ;)
  • Even if Keane had been inside the post though, it looked like Irwin might ahve saved it.  He was fully stretched to the post when the ball went by.
  • Brown was about 6 combined inches from a hat trick, but ended up with 0 goals.  Twice in the first half he missed crosses by an inch or two that would have been easy goals if he could have stretched just a little further, then the stunner off the post.
  • The post givest, and the post takest away.  LA hit the post at least twice, and Colorado hit it twice.  One of ours went in.
  • The Ciao logo looks good on the burgundy kits, we'll see how it looks on the blues.
Man of the Match: Drew Moor.  Saved the goal in the first minute that could have completely changed the game, was in position to nod Sanchez's shot in if it had been a cross, and generally played a solid game.

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