Saturday, May 17, 2014

Torres To Be Shut Down For Conditioning

The Rapids are now announcing that Gabriel Torres is being shut down for strength and conditioning work, with the goal of working him back into the first team fro the June 7th match in Dallas and the U.S. Open Cup match the week after before the World Cup break.  The report is that he has significant muscle damage in his legs due to his play over the last few month, and reportedly that's why he's had the slow start.  Nothing in the announcement about a trip to Panama.

Call me skeptical, but I'm having a hard time believing that it was just his play over the first few months that caused the problem.  Certainly its not usual for a player to suffer like this, and Torres has appeared to be out of shape since the season started.  It makes me wonder if his off-season training didn't go as planned or if something else happened.  Either way, lets hop this kick starts him for the season post-WC break.  Right now our big time forwards aren't earning their money:

Buddle + Torres + Mwanga = $850K of salary cap hit, scored a total of 1 goal in 2014
Brown + Sanchez (who's as much a midfielder as a forward) = $410K of salary cap hit, scored 7 goals in 2014

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