Monday, May 26, 2014

Now Go Away Or I Shall Taunt You A Second Time

A game like that was a long time coming.  The Rapids did what they needed to do, outplayed a clearly inferior team and put up a dominant win.  Goals from Powers, Hill, and O'Neill continued the season's theme of anyone scoring at any time.  In 12 games the Rapids have 9 different goal scorers with all three scorers in this one getting their first goals of the season (or in O'Neill's case, the first goal of his career).  The game wasn't perfect though, as the Rapids did give up the clean sheet late for the 4-1 win, and only a poor offside call kept it from being 4-2.  That said, Montreal looked horrible.  Thy had no answer for our attack and they even struggled to do the simple things.  Meanwhile Colorado put together their most complete game of the year.

My strategic consideration for this game scoring more than one.  Four times got the job done.  ;)
  • Starting the game with a goal in the first 5 minutes is new this season.  The PK call was sot but it wasn't completely unwarranted.  Most of the time though at this level the ref isn't going to call that so we got a bit lucky.
  • I liked Powers' PK, right down the middle.  Of course if the keeper sees it coming and saves it you look like an idiot. ;)
  • Former Rapid Sanna Nyassi had a horror return to Colorado.  Gave up the PK, let Brown get by him on a breakaway that should have been scored, then got injured and subbed out early in the first half.
  • Deshorn, Deshorn, Deshorn.  Two gorgeous breakaways, 0 goals.  If it weren't for bad luck he'd have no luck at all.  Just reinforces my belief that its more mental than physical.
  • Buddle is looking better but we'll see how much this groin injury sets him back.
  • Because of Buddle's injury Brown's time with the Jamaican National Team may be cut short.  He left to join them for their mid-week game this week, but if Buddle can't go on Sunday don't be surprised to see Brown recalled to play on Sunday.
  • Every game I see Jose Mari play I remember less and less about Hendry Thomas.  Great find by the Rapids.
  • However Romero made him, Hill, and Klute look stupid on Montreal's goal.  Lax defending cost Irwin and the team a shutout.
  • Though Montreal actually scored to make it 3-1, only for a horrible offside call to take it away from them.  A ref at this level can't miss that badly.
  • Speaking of missing badly, Altitude, Zaire hasn't existed since I graduated from college last millennium.  Mwanga's birth country is now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  And Its Shane O'Neill, not Shane O'Neal.
  • The defense got lax after the large lead.  It seems like players were more focused on getting a goal than defending as a team.
  • With the win the Rapids are tied for the 4th most points in the league and 3rd in the West, though on points per game they're tied for 5th overall, 4th in the West (Vancouver has 1 less point in 1 less game played).
Man of the Match: Dillon Powers.  Not only did he have the 2 goals, but he also controlled the midfield, running the attack all night.  Hopefully he's finding that form after his injury that took him to the Rookie of the Year award last season.

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