Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Do I Really Need To Spend Time On This Game?

That. game. sucked.  I was hoping it was just because I was watching on my phone through MLS Live but if anything other fans comments make me think it was worse on a full size TV or in person.  Nobody on the field looked like they gave a damn or even how to play with their teammates.  The level of play and the mental breakdown to lose teh draw at the end was just inexcusable and shows how far off this team is from what the leadership claims they want.  The RMC game in Sandy on Saturday was huge before the season started but now it might be the biggest game on the Rapids schedule.  If they can't get it together to play their biggest rival while their down a couple of best players and steal a win on the road then this team is lost and changes must be made.

Man of the Match: Clint Irwin.  Kept us in a match we had no business in and then was abandoned by his defense.

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