Monday, June 8, 2015

No More Excuses

A 0-0 draw where Powers missed a PK late, Doyle didn't play, and we played the whole second half with 3 holdings mids.  A debacle that actually gave us a good Rocky Mountain Cup result even as it put us further behind the playoff curve.

General impressions:
  • Powers has been co-MVP this season with Irwin but that PK was embarrassing.  Lets hope we don't lose the RMC or miss the playoffs by one win.
  • I'm so glad we got Doyle here early so we could use him in games in June.  Oh, wait.
  • At the end of the game we had Cronin, LaBrocca, and Pittinari on the field and Doyle, Ramirez, and Torres on the bench.  A DP, a young DP, and a former DP, all attackers.
  • Not that our attack was doing much better with Torres and Ramirez in.  Our only shot on goal was from Cronin in the 56th.
  • Ramirez's removal may have been injury related as he appeared to pick up a knock in the first half.
  • The first half of this game was as bad as Portland.  The second half was a bit better but not nearly good enough.
  • Pablo was quoted by the commentators as wanting to play Solignac and Doyle at the same time yet he didn't play Doyle at all while Solignac went the full 90.
  • Moor was conspicuously absent, late injury?
  • Boy it would be nice if we had an actual reporter who could ask about Doyle and Moor.
  • One of Pablo's post-game quotes "From top to bottom it was probably one of our most complete performances away from home for 90 minutes. I think there’ve been games when we’ve been brilliant in one half and kind of suffered in the other. Today was remarkable. It was that commitment, the application of all the work we’ve been talking about for the last five months. I think we were unfortunate today not to come away with three points.”"  I have no idea what he was watching to suggest this was one of our best road performances.  4-0 in Dallas and 0-0 in Houston were clearly better games than this one.
  • Pablo seemed to be happy to play for a draw despite our 1 pt/game average and the chance to get a win against our rival.  Ridiculous strategy. 
  • At this point we need to average 1.6 pts/game the rest of the way just to have a playoff shot.
  • For the Rocky Mountain Cup we need a win and a draw or a win and a loss as long as we win by more than we lose by.  Both games are at home.
Man of the Match: Michael Harrington.  He broke up a number of good attacks and had at least one perfect tackle in the box that would have a resulted in a PK had he missed.

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