Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Schedule Announcement

MLS released the 2016 schedule today.  A quick rundown of our course through the season.

*We start, as previously announced, on the road in SJ on March 6th.  We then have the home opener on March 12th against LA.

*Our bye weekends are March 26th and 27th (which is a FIFA International weekend) and June 25th and 26th (though we do play on the 22nd).  Our only other game in June is the 18th due to the Copa Centenario break the league is taking in early June.

*We have 1 Wednesday night home game in May, one Thursday night game in October, and the home finale is on Sunday.  All other home games are Saturday night except for the 4th of July game (which is a Monday this year).  All games except the home opener (5pm) and home finale (2pm) are at 7pm.

*FSL will be in town on May 7th.  We'll be in Sandy on April 9th and August 26th.  That later date is a Friday night UniMas game as part of the second league-wide Rivalry Week of the season.

*A quick return to Colorado for Drew Moor, Toronto will be at the Dick on April 2nd.

*No more than 2 home games in a row.  3 road games in a row on the weekends on either side and including Labor Day.

*We have three weeks where we play three games.  Two of them keep the travel to a minimum.  April 9th-16th we play in Sandy and KC (our two shortest road trips), then RBNY at home.  May 7th-14th we play FSL and KC at home, then go to Columbus.  Our toughest part of the season is in early October.  From the 8th to the 16th we play in Houston and San Jose before facing Portland at home.

*Other than the RMC game on UniMas our only other nationally televised game is the match in DC in week 3 which will be on ESPN2.

*We play everyone in the East once and everyone in the West twice.  We play 6 teams in the West a third time, Portland, San Jose, and KC at home, FSL, Vancouver, and LA on the road.

*Our Eastern road trips are to DC, Montreal, Columbus, NYCFC, and New England.

*Really tough start to the season.  In the first two months our only games against non-playoff teams are the opener in SJ and the home and home against FSL.

*Three of our last four games are against non-playoff teams so if we're in the hunt we have a good run-in.

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