Monday, January 11, 2016

Odds And Ends To Start Draft Week

A couple of news stories/rumors from the weekend to get draft week started.

According to this tweet, Juan Ramirez is set to be transferred to Spanish Second Division (same league as CD Tenerife) side Almeria.

  • So far nobody else has picked up this story but if its accurate I just shake my head.  The Rapids track records with DPs would be three forgetful seasons of Torres and then cutting him for nothing, one season for Ramirez and then selling him for hopefully as much as we paid, and a half season of Doyle with more to come.  Not exactly stunning work there.
John Spencer seen at the combine hotel in a Rapids shirt, says he's a temporary adivsor
  • Of course Pablo was only leading the team in preseason temporarily as well.  Our new "offensive coordinator" perhaps?  Hard to get real excited about it given the lack of firepower his Timbers teams showed but to be fair, they were an expansion side.
After running through Google Translate, Pulido doesn't want to come to MLS?
  • I'm thinking bad translation or a negotiating tactic.  If Paul Bravo (or Paul Pravo) actually flew to Greece to seal the deal I'm sure they've already talked with him and determined he's interested in MLS.  Of course given this team's track record of getting ahead of itself (Rivero, Torres) I can't rule out that Pulido doesn't want to come.
Look for a Superdraft preview Wednesday night and coverage of our picks on Thursday.

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