Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Rapids Have 2 Picks In Tomorrow's Superdraft

The Superdraft starts tomorrow at 11am Denver time with Rounds 1 and 2.  The Rapids currently hold the #2 and #22 picks (Rounds 3 and 4 are next Wednesday via conference call).  Draft day is always a busy day of trades and deals so what we hold now may not be what we actually pick with.  There's already talk about Colorado shopping the #2 pick.  That would be a very poor decision IMO short of a "you'd be crazy to pass it up" level deal.

My top 2 choices in the draft:
  • #1 LB Brandon Vincent - Stanford
Vincent has already been called into this month's combined U-23/Nats camp and he's expected to be able to start on day one of the 2016 season for whomever picks him.  The Rapids need a LB and this is a no-brainer pick if Chicago doesn't take him IMO.  All reports have Colorado leaning towards Vincent.

  • #2 MF Jack Harrison - Wake Forest (GA)
Harrison has signed a GA deal after his freshman year so that gives you an idea of his talent.  He can play inside or on the wing.  His age and the fact that he's GA (so he doesn't count against the cap) had him as my early pick going into this month but the more I found out about Vincent I had to move Harrison to #2.  He would be a great pick if the Fire go with the LB.

I'm not going to project our second round pick.  There's too much that can happen between here and there.

I'll update the blog after each pick and any deals if I'm able to, with a full recap tomorrow night.

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