Tuesday, February 23, 2016

12 Days To Go, 6 Spots To Fill

Two weeks ago I reviewed the roster after the trade for Conor Doyle.  At that point we had just under 4 weeks until the opener and 7 spots to fill, one of which I assumed would be filled by Howard.  Since then we've traded for Eric Miller.  That means with less than two weeks to go we still have 6 spots to fill.  I also laid out a list of what I thought we needed.  To review:

MLS quality super sub/spot starter at striker - Still need this, though there's some thought that they're hoping Conor Doyle will fill this need.  I don't see it.
Starting right mid or a commitment to Serna - Still need this, though based on play in Tucson they may be thinking Badgi/Solignac here
Outside back that can play either side - This would be Miller, well done
Center back depth signing - Heard a rumor we have a target in mind for this but I expect Keel will also be signed
Draftee - Looks like this will be Castillo

So if we figure that Howard, Castillo, and Keel will fill 3 of the spots that leaves 3 spots left with no obvious signings on the horizon.  I REALLY hope the plan isn't to either start the season with anything less than one open roster spot (two if Howard is coming later) or to fill the spots with other trialists and draftees.  As you can see from the list above we need more quality than that.

I'm actually starting to like the look of our starting XI.  Right wing play is a little iffy and I'm not sold on our center backs but other than that its solid enough to compete for a playoff spot.  We have no quality depth though and that, along with Pablo's coaching, will likely be our downfall if we don't do something soon.


Anonymous said...

Right wing is a huge need. I don't think Serna is the answer. Solignac is so bad and Badji is so raw (he's like Deshorn, but worse). If we made one more decent signing at right wing I'll feel optimistic. Also, I don't think any MLS teams really have much depth. A few injuries and any team is screwed. We are in no better or worse shape in terms of depth. If we signed a wing and had a bench of Serna, Watts, Badji, Solignac, Hairston, Burling, and Berner I'd be ok. Reserves of Keel, Castillo, Appiah, Cochrane, Froschauer, etc.

Anonymous said...

And I forgot C. Doyle and Pfeffer. Throw Solignac on the reserves and one of them on the subs bench. Even better. If we can't be competitive with this. Then it's most def all on Pablo and he'll have to go.

David Wegner said...

Good break down. With players having int'l duties and so many games in April, we need some depth stat, otherwise that starting 11 is going to be out of gas in August.