Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rapids Play Scoreless Draw With Dynamo

You could be forgiven if you thought you were watching a replay of last year's team while viewing last night's preseason match.  A dull 0-0 draw with very little offensively shown by the Rapids.  When the best chance either team has to score is a PK skied over the bar you know its one of those games.  Colorado started with a pretty strong XI:

(d)- draftee
(t) -trialist

Badji - Powers - Serna
Watts - Azira
Castillo(d) - Burling - Sjoberg - Miller

In the 71st minute Pablo subbed in 9 players with this resulting lineup:

Pfeffer - Calvert - Solignac
Spencer(t) - Keith*
Castillo(d) - Keel(t) - Cochran(t) - Burch

* Sean Keith is a FC Tucson player that played in something like 3 different DDC games yesterday as a fill-in sub for a couple of teams.  It can't be a good sign for guys like Ekra, Ownby, and Appiah that a random local player is getting time ahead of them.

Its still preseason so no need to panic yet but we need to get Pappa and Gashi integrated ASAP and start seeing some offensive spark.  Otherwise this is looking a lot like last season.  Looking at playing time so far I think Castillo and Keel are good bets to make the roster as defensive depth.  Froschauer's chances are completely dependent on if and when Howard joins the team.  The rest seem to be long shots right now with Appiah being the most likely IMO.

Playing time for unsigned players so far this preseason:

Castillo: 225
Froschauer: 154
Appiah: 135
Kamdem: 90
Torre: 45

Keel: 225
Ownby: 135
Cochran: 125
Ekra: 103
Spencer: 45
Keith: 45

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