Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rapids Lose To Swope Park Rangers

Colorado started the Desert Diamond Cup with a 3-1 loss to the USL Swope Park Rangers.  I planned to watch the game last night to do a real game recap but the stream sucked.  Delayed 5 minutes, constantly buffering, and poor camera work.  So I gave up pretty quickly.

The starting XI:

Badji - Powers - Solignac
Azira - Watts
Williams - Sjoberg - Burling - Hairston

That group gave up a goal in the first minute.  Like I said poor camera work but the ball came down our right side and then Burling got worked.  No actual good look at the ball crossing the line so I don't know how MacMath handled it.  The Rapids would level the score from a Badji header:

A full team substitution at half for the Rapids and 9 of the 11 Swope Park players:

(t) - trialists
(d) - draftee

Pfeffer - C. Doyle - Serna
Cronin - Appiah(d)
Burch - Cochran(t) - Keel(t) - Castillo(d)

This group gave up 2 goals.

Its preseason so results don't matter.  That said I'd be lying if I said this result wasn't concerning.  This was a USL team playing its first ever game after the players just met each other two weeks ago.  It took them less than 60 seconds to score the first goal in their history against a MLS side with a combination A/B defense on the field.  This is not exactly confidence-inspiring.

The next game will be against Houston at 7pm on Saturday.  Hopefully the stream and the play will be better.  Though there's a good chance I'll be multi-tasking while watching the Scotties Tournament of Hearts (I'm not kidding) so at least one of the sporting events should be entertaining.

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