Monday, February 8, 2016

Last Game In San Diego

In their last action before leaving San Diego the Rapids placed the USL Orange County Blues in a preseason scrimmage.

Starting XI:

(t) - Trialist
(d) - Draftee

Solignac - Powers - Ekra(t)
Azira - Kamdem(d)
Williams - Sjoberg - Burling - Castillo(d)

The game was played as 3 30 minute periods.  Calvert scored shortly into the second period to make it 1-0.  Midway through the second period the Rapids did a complete lineup substitution.

Pfeffer - Ownby(t) - Badji
Cronin - Watts
Burch - Greenspan - Keel(t) - Hairston

Doyle scored near the end to make the final score 2-0.

Greenspan is with the team in San Diego.  His ship is based out of the base there so I assume he's on shore leave or other temporary duty from the Navy to train with the team this last week or so.  He is not expected to be with the team during the season.

Starting a tally of minutes played this preseason by draftees/trialists:

Castillo: 90
Froschauer: 90
Kamdem: 90
Appiah: 45
Torre: 45
Manga: 0

Ekra: 90
Keel: 90
Ownby: 90

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