Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rapids Trade Money for Money and International Slot

Colorado just announced that they've traded general allocation money to San Jose for an international spot and targeted allocation money.

Interesting move.  TAM can be used to sign a player making between the salary max and $1 million or to buy a DP down below the DP limit.  Tim Howard wouldn't qualify for either one and I don't think we'd could buy down Gashi or Doyle that much.  Also Howard wouldn't require an international slot (obviously).  So this would appear to be a move for a new signing of some sort.

Right now the Rapids have 7 signed international players.  Badji, Doyle, Gashi, St. Ledger, Sjoberg, Solignac, and Williams.  Ramirez will also need an international slot if/when he returns from his loan mid-season.

Teams start with 8 international slots.  The Rapids have received 2-3 in trade and given 2 in trade.  We have a permanent one from FSL and the one we acquired today from SJ.  We also got one in the trade for Sarvas from LA but I don't know how long we got it for so it may have reverted back.  We sent one to Vancouver that we get back at the end of this year when we traded for Atiba Harris.  We also sent one to Vancouver for Sanna Nyassi that we get back at the end of 2031 (no, that's not a typo).

So we have 1, maybe 2 open international slots with the knowledge that we may need to deal with Ramirez midseason.  So this trade allows us to sign an international player and bring in a sub-$1 million player.  It seems to point to another significant signing.  The only twist is that draftee Dennis Castillo would also need an international slot, though we could send him to Charlotte on a year-long loan and he wouldn't count against the total.

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