Sunday, February 5, 2017

First Scrimmage!

Yesterday the Rapids played their fist scrimmage out in LA against the Ventura County Fusion of the PDL.  There was no stream and not much of a twitter commentary from the team.  Here's the lineups for each half:

(D) = Unsigned draftee
(T) = Unsigned trialist

Castillo - Watts - Burling - Callahan(D)
Cronin - Perez
Siaj(D) - Doyle - Hairston

and for the second half:

Miller - Ford - Sjoberg - Williams
Davidson(T) - Hamilton(D)
Siaj(D) - Powers - Calvert

So Siaj takes the early lead of the draftee most likely to be signed.  Either that or he's the most on the bubble and got the most playing time so the coaches could figure him out.

Final score was 1-1 with the Rapids conceding late and then Badji scoring an even later equalizer.  Hard to draw many conclusions with no real data but a 1-1 draw with out-of-season PDL is not exactly encouraging.  The teams will scrimmage again on Tuesday.

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