Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rapids Beat NYCFC, Qualify For Diamond Cup Final

Yesterday was the third of the four matches we'll play in Arizona, this time against NYCFC.  I didn't get to see the game so I'm basing this recap on reports from others.  The starting XI:

Miller - Watts - Sjoberg - Burch
Azira - Cronin
Hairston - Powers - Badji

Minus the recovering Gashi and maybe Nana that looks like the opening day lineup (and if we're lucky Howard).  Its also probably an actual starting lineup from sometime last year and the play reflected that.  Solid defense, decent possession, but not a lot of creativity in attack.  Shortly before half Cronin got on the end of a clearance from the box and hit a sidewinder through a crowd for a 1-0 lead.

A full team substitution at half left us with the following lineup:

(T) = Unsigned trialist
(D) = Unsigned draftee

Castillo - Ford - Burling - Williams
Hamilton(D) - Boateng
Cascio - Perez - Callahan(D)

This team looked more ragged, as you would expect.  Largely the same results, good defense but quiet offense.  NYCFC has a couple of good looks and the Rapids batten down the hatches late to defend the 1-0 lead and continue their undefeated preseason.

They'll play for the Desert Diamond Cup in the final on Saturday against Houston.  Game time is 6pm MT and the game will be streamed in the same places as the other games.

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