Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Roster Rule Changes and Camp Departures

The league announced new roster rules today.  The big change is an expansion of the roster from 28 to 30 players, with the two new slots specifically for Homegrown Players.  This allows the Rapids to move Ford and Perez into those slots (or Serna) and sign two other players in their place.  Teams can also use TAM now to sign Homegrown Players to their first contact.

There were a few other minor changes but those two are the big news.

Also today Dan Bonficae of the Post tweeted that Liam Callahan has left Rapids camp and Tony Cascio didn't come north with the team.  That leaves the other two draftees (Hamilton and Siaj) and GK Cody Mizell as the only unsigned players in camp.

Signing those three would put us at a total of 26 signed players, with 4 goalkeepers.  Depth is going to be a problem with only 22 field players, we need to fill those extra 4 roster spots ASAP.  There are probably 5 spots available as I expect Mizell to be a short-term signing until Berner or Howard are healthy.  No team needs to carry 4 keepers for a season.

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